Why I Hike Alone

Hello, darling!

I started hiking because of my husband (although he was not my husband at the time). Just to clarify – he did not make me go hiking. He liked hiking, and I wanted to see if I did too because… you know, try new things, baby! Turns out, I did like it… A LOT!

From this love of hiking, and generally just being out in the forest, I started going out alone. This caused much concern in some people.  I heard things like, “It’s dangerous out there.” “I don’t like you going out on your own.” “You never know what could happen.” “There’s crazy people everywhere.” And the like.  Now- these things are all true, and to the people who said this to me: I love you. Thank you. I hear you.  Also- This post is for you.

Why I Hike Alone

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Listen Up!

Hello Sweetcakes!

This is not what you’d expect of a typical Wild Red post.  I know I’m just starting and I’m “supposed to” stick to one niche for now. That’s what “they” say. But… I’m not here just to do what “they” tell me I should do. That is very much NOT Wild Red. There is a lot going on in the world right now, and this is something I feel very strongly about. So, read on, if you please. 


There is so much hatred in the world. I suppose this could have been said throughout history, but I think we all feel it a bit more strongly right now. We feel so separated. At least, I feel so separated. There is division everywhere. We are divided in our country, in our communities, in our homes even, and we’re getting farther apart. I feel it. You feel it. We see it everywhere.

Hate is shoved in our faces. Every day. All day. From every which way.  Thanks to this amazing thing called technology, we are now able to witness hate like never before.  Our lives are immersed with screens. Everywhere you go there’s a screen. We carry screens in our pockets. And that’s fine, but it’s adding the the separation, and to the hate.

We talk about it constantly. There are opinions everywhere. We are all screaming from our fingertips, “HEAR ME!” Yet the only people we actually listen to are the ones who are saying the same damn thing we are.  This validates our convictions. It gives us a sense of righteousness.  “That’s exactly what I’m saying. You get it. I get it. Why don’t they?

The people we need to listen to, though, are the ones saying what we are not. The people who have different opinions about these issues.  The people with a different lifestyle or culture.

And I mean truly, honestly, compassionately listen.

Take your damn thoughts about the way you think the world should be, about the way it is, about who you are and who you think this other person is, and put these thoughts away. Keep them in a box. You can bring them out later, fine. But right now, you just need to listen. Give the person the benefit of the doubt that they are coming from a place of love. That they want the same thing you do – to be happy (enough), safe, and everyone to be okay. Isn’t that what we all truly want at the core?

Just listen. Don’t worry about your response. In fact, you don’t even have to respond.

Maybe you think, “Well they don’t listen to me”, and yeah- you’re probably right, but IT IS NOT ONLY ABOUT YOU! You can’t make anyone else change. You can only change the way you react and feel about them. You are the only person in the world you can change, sorry to break it to ya.

So change your attitude and attention towards those with different opinions and values from you, and just possibly you’ll understand their points a little better, and I have no doubt you’ll hate them a lot less…if at all.  Maybe you’ll inspire them to listen to someone with opposing views, and so on, and then maybe we can diffuse this divide just a bit. Person by person. Conversation by conversation.

Until we all start doing a lot more of this, and a lot less of the screaming, the divisions between us will only stronger and wider. Listening is the only way to peace.

We will never all agree. We should never all agree. Opposing ideas and views are what make progress and growth and innovation possible.

We need to all think differently. We just shouldn’t hate each other for doing so.

Go out there in the world. Find the people who are different from you. Learn their stories. Listen to them fully. Spread love and compassion to the world.

We are all a part of this amazing earth. We are all human.

We are all different. And we are all the same.


Sending Peace to All,