Phrase of My Year

What’s up, sugar-snap!

Maybe you’re supposed to choose your word or phrase of the year before the year starts, or at the least in January. Some say to plan your year, or decide on  your goals early on. There’s a bunch of awesome advice on the change of the year and how to make the most out of the new year.

But here at Wild Red, we don’t do things just because we’re supposed to do them that way.  We do them because they feel right to us, they’re good for us, others, and the world, or just because they’re fun. Yeah, sometimes we do things because we’re supposed to that may not really excite us – like eating vegetables and paying bills – but we know they’re right for us and they’re good. (or maybe we don’t but then deal with the consequences)

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Thanks so much for stopping by Wild Red Explores!

Wild Red is all about finding yourself by trying new things, breaking out of your comfort zone, and conquering your fears. In whatever way that means for you!

This could be something like thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail solo, cliff diving, swimming with sharks.  AND it could be flying for the first time, trying a food from a different country, going to a party where you don’t know anyone.

Breaking out of your comfort zone, living a wild life, is different for all of us. That’s what Wild Red is all about. I hope you stick around to see where this all goes, and become a part of a wild and fun community.

Stay wild and always be kind.