Jump Out of A Plane

Hi my brave ones,

I cannot believe it has taken me so long to fully write about this experience. What the heck was I thinking even?!
Let me tell you about the GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE!

He says “do you like roller coasters?” I say “yes, I love them”
“Pull the right side really hard.” We spiral downward to the ground FAST.
“Okay! Now the left!” We change directions.
“WOAH!!!!!” I exclaim, “This is so much better than I even thought it would be”

And that wasn’t even my favorite part.

But let me back up a bit.
When I was a kid, I could watch the skydivers from my back yard. The airport they dropped from was right around the corner from us. It was thrilling to watch them… for the first few years, then it became ordinary, just like things do when you see them so often. Now, I do not mean “ordinary” like I did not care about it, because I still did. I still watched and thought that someday I would do that! That desire never left me.

It took me years longer to finally jump than I ever expected it to, but – hey, it’s me we’re talking about here.

The day I decided to book the jump did not start out as a great day. If you want to read about that, you can here. My sister had already purchased a ticket to jump for herself and her partner, and I said “I’ll go with you!” That evening, I purchased my ticket. When we had originally scheduled the jump, it was a cloudy, rainy day – no good for jumping, so we cancelled with intentions to reschedule, but our schedules are so opposite there was never another time for all of us to go together.

Tired of waiting, I made sure she didn’t mind if I went without her (she didn’t) and I booked a new jump time. This was going to happen, damnit!
I told some friends and family of the date and time (or time I thought). Oh yeah, I am doing this!


When I woke, I was not nervous at all. I thought “the nervousness will come”.
My time to be there was 9AM, but I had heard you will be there for a few hours. On the way to the airport, I was not nervous at all. I thought, “the nervousness will come.”
I head to the window, sign myself in (literally sign a booklet of papers), watch a video. I was not nervous at all. I waited for the nerves to come.

Instead of being there for a few hours before the jump like I had thought, I get called right away. I thought “oh no! my people won’t be here!” but I was called and I went back anyway. I was not nervous at all. When will I get nervous? Probably in the plane on the way up.

They take you back to a space to get fitted in your harness and show you what will happen and how to move. You meet your jump partner and do a little practice on the ground. You feel like a fool, but you’re not the only one. Then you wait for the plane to pick you up. I am guided into the plane. Okay, here come the… nope. Still not nervous.

On the way up I enjoy watching the ground get smaller. The guy I’m jumping with taps me and points out different sites. “There’s Atlantic City.” “There’s Philadelphia.” “Over there you can see McGuire.” I look around, taking it all in. It’s been years since I was even in an airplane. This is too enjoyable to be nervous.

We get to height and they open the door. Oooohkay… here we go. A few people go out before me. I am the last one to go (other than the dude attached to my back). We stand up. Still not nervous. Walk to to door. Still not nervous. We don’t exactly jump… it feels more like falling out of the plane.


Nothing is wrong. I feel nothing negative. There are no nerves. Life is wonderful and free.
The wind whips around me. I look at the ground, the trees, the buildings, the people. They’re so small and so far away.
It doesn’t feel like you’re falling. It feels like you are flying. I feel free. Alive.

There’s a tap on my shoulder. Time to pull the chord for the parachute. I’m yanked back. Things slow down. I am smiling harder than I have in my life.
“What did you think” I am asked. “IT’S INCREDIBLE!!!” It was fucking incredible.

On the rest of the way down, I am able to look around more. He has me control the parachute a little, talks to me about various things. I am loving every bit of it.

But that freefall… THAT is the the best thing I have ever done. And I cannot wait to do it again. Who is with me?!

Alright, my dudes! What is the best thing YOU have ever done? Have you ever been skydiving? What was your experience like? Would you go skydiving?
Tell me all below in the comments!

Stay Wild, my friends!

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